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Prema Healing Meditation teaches us to disengage from our thoughts and experience the eternal presence that is truly who we are. Through a regular practice of meditation, mindfulness, and contemporary emotional processing, we begin to experience life from this spiritual perspective, rather than from the Ego (AKA the false self). As the Prema Healing practice is employed we can more fully develop our concentration and enter the present moment by learning to maintain awareness in our eternal presence. Living life in our eternal Presence is living as it was meant to be... free from suffering.

Living free from suffering is Enlightenment. Our teachings are of the tools and techniques that will permit you to work on your own to achieve Enlightenment. These tools are practical, effective and proven methods that will show you results within and identifiable time frame. The instructors at Prema Healing have a wide varierty of Emotion Processing and Meditation experiences and can offer help in a variety of ways. Contact us to discuss your needs for groups or individuals.

"Gaze within a mirror. See the Creator." RA

Emotion Processing is a spiritual technology that utilizes acupressure points, visualization, and the safe release of emotions that can dramatically hinder a person's ability to function. All "dis-ease" is a result of emotional blockages manifesting in the mental and/or physical body. Emotional Processing can permanently alleviate the root cause of many of these conditions, including: Phobias/Fears - Weight Loss - Depression - Grief/Loss - Addiction - Anxiety - Eating Disorders - Stress - Chronic Illness/Pain - PTSD/Trauma - Relationship Conflicts - Anger - Bipolar Disorder - Headaches - Insomnia.

Prema Healing providers utilize various methods of Emotion Processing and offer significant professionalism and proficiency in their guidance. Sessions are confidential and can be performed either in person or via Skype.

Test drive two easy to use emotion processing methods to experience the benefits yourself. Visit our page "Videos of Emotion Processing".

All that Prema Healing offers falls under the heading of Meditation. It is through the various elements of Prema Healing that we free ourselves of conditions that keep us in pain and suffering. Often meditation is viewed from a painful or even masochistic perspective of self-denial, and while significant discipline and work is required, we have devised a teaching program that assumes the chaos of the modern mind and brings the practice where you are, gently, but effectively. Meditation is for everyone, and a "must do" for freedom from suffering.

"Enlightenment Plain and Simple" is a book written for the spiritual seeker, or anyone suffering from physical, emotional, or mental "unwanted conditions". It is a "how to" book that you can use with confidence to learn to communicate with your Higher Self, heal a wide variety of physical emotional, and mental unwanted conditions, and raise your consciousness (the one true goal of life). If you don't feel you are ready to go it alone, we offer classes to teach you the techniques or private sessions to offer deeper; more complete healing methods.

"Enlightenment Plain and Simple"
book available on Amazon and Kindle